Elegant charger plates are a terrific way to easily and inexpensively add color, formality, elegance and class to your dinner table. 

Charger plates add a touch of class and accents to your event’s dinner table. They are ideal for special occasions such as weddings, formal dinners, corporate dinners, anniversaries, holiday dinners, etc. These plates are a decorative element for a formal and elegant table place setting. They may also be called under plates or chop plates and since they are not food safe the food is not served on chargers.

Charger plate’s etiquette and use varies. First, the chargers should be already on the dinner table before guests arrive and then are left on the table as a large coaster for the soup and salad courses and then removed for the main entree. Others keep them until the end of the meal and then are removed before desert. It is all a matter of preference. Additional colors and styles available in addition to the most popular items below

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