Pipe and Drapery

Pipe and drapery, or simply fabric separators, consist of a steel base, pipes and fabric draped on, and the impact is amazing. 

Pipe and drapery is great for corporate events as well, because it is cost effective, easy to set up, and can be set up in a variety of ways. Pipe and drapery is often used for weddings and receptions, concerts, plays and company events. Chelsea Floral Designs and Event Rentals offers different size sets ups for the pipes so it will fit to your size space and we offer a variety of colors.  Here are some of the ways people use pipe and drapery for events:

-       Stage backdrops

-       To highlight a particular area of a room

-       As room dividers

-       To make large, empty spaces such as meeting halls, corporate events, or auditoriums more intimate, and drapery can even help with acoustics in these spaces

-       To hide distracting or unsightly features

-       As a backdrop for photo shoots

-       To add color

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